• 21,392 children 3 years old and younger have stunted growth due to their families being on waiting lists for housing assistance, which forces the parent to make choices between paying for rent and heating or food for their children. (“Not Safe at Home,”Boston Medical Center)

  • Children in poverty go to school less ready to learn to read, and from that early point they consistently do less well in school and are less likely to go on to college.(“Not Safe at Home,”Boston Medical Center)

  • 37% of Habitat homeowners said their new Habitat home had a positive effect on their children’s health, including fewer trips to the doctor and hospitals. (HFH E. King Cty, WA)

  • 63% of Habitat homeowners indicated there was a positive change in their children’s school grade – children thrive and flourish in a safe, decent environment (HFH E. King Cty, WA)