Affiliate FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Does East St. Tammany Habitat give homes away?

No. E.S.T. Habitat provides qualifying families the opportunity to purchase affordable homes.

2.) What size are E.S. T. Habitat homes?

Homes are 3 bedroom/ 1 1/2  bath houses

3.) What is the interest rate on a home?

Homeowners pay NO interest on their mortgages, saving them an average of $125,000 over the life of their mortgage.

4.) How does E.S.T. Habitat pay for construction costs?

E.S.T. Habitat relies on the support of sponsors, donors, and volunteers to help build homes, saving the homebuyer  in labor and materials.

5.) Who are the house sponsors?

Corporations, faith-based organizations, foundations, and individuals partner to sponsor homes financially and provide volunteers.

6.) How often does E.S. T. Habitat build homes?

One – two houses are under construction and /or being rehabbed  at any given time.

7.) How many homes has E.S. T. Habitat built?

Since 1992, East St. Tammany Habitat has built and renovated more than 140 homes primarily in the city of Slidell and Lacombe, housing over 450 individual family members.

8.) Can anyone become an E.S.T.  Habitat homebuyer?

E.S.T. Habitat homes are for first-time homebuyers who meet specific qualifications to ensure success.

9.) What is expected of a homebuyer once approved?

Homebuyers are expected to invest 250 sweat-equity hours in building his/her home and others and attend at least 12 homeowner education classes.

10.) How much is a mortgage payment?

Monthly mortgage payments typically are less than 30% of the partner family’s monthly income.