Community Service

We accept individuals who have Court Ordered community service. Unless you have a medical condition preventing you from certain work you are most likely going to be assigned to the construction site. etc.

We do not accept applicants specifically charged or convicted of the following: Larceny/theft/burglary/breaking and entering.

 The requirements are:

  • You must pre-register and bring your court paperwork to our offices from Monday through Friday 8:00 am til 5:00 pm.
  • The paperwork must show your offense, number of hours of community service required, and the name and address of the court jurisdiction and probation department.

You must sign a release and waiver of liability we will give you a paper that explains our Court Ordered community service program.

Community Service is from 6:50 am to 3:00 pm Tuesday through Friday each week. You must be at the office at 6:50 am, no exceptions.

Once you are registered you must contact the office @ 985-639-0656 a day prior to your actual work day to ensure that community service is available.