Homebuyers and Financial Education



MISSION: HomeFIT a program through East St. Tammany Habitat for Humanity which is committed to providing safe, healthy affordable housing using sustainable methods and promoting strong communities through housing counseling and education for those most in need.

HomeFIT offers a wide range of services to help individuals attain and sustain homeownership. Most of our services fall into two categories: Counseling and classes

Financial Fitness*

Our Nationally certified financial education program offers classes that help you develop skills and set goals to achieve a secure financial future for you and your family .

HomeFIT’s Financial Fitness class teaches you how to take charge of your financial life, including:

  • Getting organized
  • Creating a budget that works
  • Saving for future goals
  • Understanding how to manage credit
  • Rebuilding credit
  • Avoiding financial pitfalls and consumer traps
  • Understanding taxes and insurance

Pre-purchase Homebuyers Workshop*

Looking to buy your first home? Through our nationally certified homebuyer education program, we offer classes that teach you the basics of the homebuying process.

Our first-time homebuyer education course teaches you how to:

  • Select a lender
  • Determine affordability
  • Use credit wisely
  • Distinguish between different types of loans
  • Understand home inspections and insurance
  • Identify special financing programs
  • Work with a real estate professional
  • Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of homeownership

One-on-One Homebuyers Counseling*

We offer  counseling with a certified housing counselor. The one-on-one counseling is to assist individuals in becoming mortgage ready

A certified counselor works with you to help you to become mortgage ready.  This includes analyzing budgeting issues, setting savings goals, overcoming credit or insufficient income issues and identifying options for down payment and financing assistance programs.  Our counselor also provides general encouragement and support to help you stay motivated and reach your goal of becoming a homeowner. One-on-One sessions  will be scheduled through counselor


*A $35.00 fee for each course  is associated with the HomeFIT program   

For more information please contact Kentrell Jones @ 985-639-0656

Note:  Housing Counseling and Education clients are not obligated to use any product or service offered by sponsorship agencies, their affiliates or partners. HomeFIT will provide information on alternative services, programs and products. Clients should consider a variety of resources and options and select the resources that best meet their needs.